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I have been tanning skins using traditional technologies for over twenty five years. I hold a Master of Arts in Experimental Archaeology and a PhD dealing with the ‘Microscopic Analysis of Prehistoric Tanning Technologies’ from the University of Exeter.


My main areas of expertise are:


  • Prehistoric tannage technologies

  • Animal processing

  • Using primary by products such as bone, sinew, internal organs, fur, horn and antler

I have taught various groups ranging from bush crafters to University students for over ten years, drawing on my extensive personal experience to provide a broad understanding of the processes of:

  • Fat tanning

  • Vegetable tanning

  • Alum tawing

  • Rawhide production

  • Animal processing


My instruction includes a diverse range of information, from skin morphology to helpful hints in dealing with the numerous and frustrating problems often encountered when first learning to tan, and often long after!

In addition to my main area of expertise in tanning technologies and animal processing, I also teach and demonstrate a wide range of traditional living skills including:


  • Patterning and clothing construction

  • Use of plant and animal fibres

  • Constructing and using traditional hunting tools

  • Basic flint knapping, stone tool construction and use

  • Shelter construction and use

  • Friction fire lighting

  • Basketry

  • Clay processing, pottery manufacture and firing

I am also open to suggestions for other courses to suit your needs.

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Upcoming Courses

  • 10 Nov, 10:00 CET – 12 Nov, 17:00 CET
    Skovskolen, Nødebovej 77A, 3480 Fredensborg, Denmark
    Learn the ancient skill of Deer Skin Tanning over 3 information packed days using natural, non-toxic and easily available materials!
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