Gallery & Price List


Baseline Price: £600.00


Baseline Price: £1000.00

Short Skirt

Baseline Price:  £500.00

Long Skirt

Baseline Price: 


Long Sleeve Shirt

Baseline Price: £1000.00


Baseline Price: £1500.00

Tank Tops (vest tops)

Baseline Price: £500.00

Fur and Leather Vests (Gillets)

Baseline Price: £700.00 Leather, £1200.00 Fur

Bikini and Mid-Drift Tops

Baseline Price: £200.00

Shoes, Boots & Sandals

Baseline Price: £75.00 Sandals, £300.00 Shoes, £700.00 Boots

* Due to the difficulty of patterning shoes and boots are only available to those I can meet with in person. Sorry!


Baseline Price: £200.00

Bags, Knife Sheaths, Quivers, Bracers, Mittens....

* This is the miscellaneous category! If you can draw a picture of what you'd like and a give me dimensions, I'll be happy to give you a quote.

Loincloths and Leggings

Baseline Price: £200.00 Loincloth (this takes an entire skin to make), £600.00 Leggings

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