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Museum Work

I am an experienced analyst of prehistoric and early historic leather artefacts holding a PhD in this speciality field from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. I also have over 15 years experience in public demonstration work in open air museums and educational programmes and provide replication services for exhibitions.

Click for analysis, demonstration and replication.

My mission is to bring the past to life with accurate demonstrations of traditional technologies based on archaeological evidence and ethnographic parallels. I wish to give a voice to the level of technological sophistication which is often lost in the morass of misunderstandings surrounding early time periods in human prehistory.

I also specialise in the replication of artefacts made from primary and secondary animal by-products such as skin, bone, sinew, internal organs, horn, antler and fur.

My museum work to date includes: 

  • Analysis of leather artefacts for museums, private collections      and research projects

  • Demonstrations of traditional tanning technologies, animal          processing and use of primary animal by-products for open air    museums and educational groups

  • Artefact replication for museum exhibitions and educational        collections

  • 1-5 day courses tailored for conservators and researchers in understanding pre-industrial leather as a material

Please contact me directly to discuss the needs of your group or research projects.

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