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With over 15 years experience in public demonstration work, my mission is to bring the past to life with accurate demonstrations of traditional technologies based on archaeological evidence and ethnographic parallels.


I aim to give a voice to the level of technological sophistication of early time periods, often lost in the morass of misunderstandings surrounding human prehistory. 

My area of expertise lies in traditional tanning technologies, animal processing and the use of primary and secondary animal by-products such as; bone, sinew, horn, internal organs, antler and fur. I also have extensive experience in a wide variety of skills relevant to prehistory.

Demonstrations are always tailored to fit the individual needs of each venue.

My standard rates are:

  • £400.00 per day of demonstration

  • £200.00 per day of preparation

  • Travel Costs and material fees which vary by venue and demonstration type

Please contact me directly to check availability and discuss a precise quote.


Image credit: Hans Splinter

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