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Artefact Analysis

I am an experienced analyst of prehistoric and early historic leather artefacts holding a PhD in this speciality field from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.


My expertise is in the determination of tannage technology, construction sequence and object biographies based on macro and microscopic visual and behavioural characteristics. I can offer secondarily, species identification based on leather and hair characteristics.  

Please contact me to discuss your project, as prices are quoted on a case by case basis.

Selection of Past and Current Analyses:


  • State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Scythian Leather Collections- March 2020- ongoing

  • Quay Branly Ethnographic Museum, Paris, North American Leather Collections- Feb 2020- ongoing

  • National Museum of Denmark, Mammen and Hvilehøj Leather Objects- February 2019- ongoing

  • Israel Museum, Shrine of the Book, Dead Sea Scrolls, March 2019

  • Israel Museum, Dry Site Leather Objects, March 2019

  • HUJI Hebrew University Jerusalem, Roman Era Leather Shoe- March 2018-2019

  • Ashmoleon Museum Oxford, Contact Period Leather ‘Cape’- November 2017

  • Anasazi Heritage Centre, Dry Site Leather Artefacts- 2014

  • History Colorado, Dry Site Leather Artefacts 2014

  • National Museum of Norway, Glacial Site Leather Shoe- 2014

  • National Museum of Denmark- Bog Site Leather Artefacts (Sheep Skin Capes)- 2014

  • MSC Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Leather Artefacts and Ethnographic Material- 2014

  • Assen, Bog Site Leather Artefacts- 2014

  • Canton of Bern Switzerland, Schnidejoch Pass Leather Artefacts- 2014

  • Swinden Centre for Conservation, White Horse Hill Material- 2014

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