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Custom Clothing

I make high-quality, custom clothing made from natural materials using contemporary designs. All materials used are tanned by hand using traditional methods and sewn with handmade stitching materials. My goal is to produce clothing that you can wear out on the town and out to the woods! 

While I am open to taking on creative clothing and utilitarian commissions, I am very selective about what I accept, due to the amount of time each item takes. If you wish to commission an item, or several, I encourage you to get in touch and discuss your unique ideas and budget. If you are interested in learning to make your own projects, I also teach sewing courses, along with my standard tanning courses.

The brain tan and bark tanned skins I work with are each tanned and softened completely by hand by either myself or other highly skilled traditional tanners. The level of care and time investment which goes into this fantastic material means that both bark and brain tan cost between £25 and £30 a square foot, making an average hide between £200 and £300 each. 

The material cost combined with the time-intensive process of designing, patterning and constructing each item is reflected in the price. I work collaboratively with whoever I’m designing for, so you will get a complete insight into the process, and plenty of choice in the materials and design of the finished item.

Material options include:

  • Bark tanned skin from deer, goat, sheep etc.

  • Brain tanned skin from deer, goat, sheep etc.

  • Fish skin, both bark and fat tanned

  • Fur from a wide variety of species


Stitching materials options include:

  • Leather lace

  • Sinew

  • Intestine

  • Dog fur


The pricing outlined in the gallery is a rough guide to the most basic version of each item. Please contact me directly to discuss a more precise quote.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in a large amount of fringe this can require up to an entire extra skin’s worth of material to produce.


Image credit: Hans Splinter

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