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Tanning and Traditional Skills Courses and Leather Artefact Analysis

If you are working on behalf of a museum, are a media producer or wish to book a private course, please contact Theresa directly.

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With a PhD in experimental archaeology and over 30 years of experience in prehistoric skin tanning and clothing construction, Theresa is an internationally recognised traditional living skills specialist.

With expertise in organic material culture studies, replication, implementation and presentations, Theresa is both academically and commercially a leading global specialist in:


  • Analysis of prehistoric and early historic leather artefacts

  • Determination of tannage technology

  • Construction sequence and object biographies based on macro and microscopic visual and behavioural characteristics

  • Species identification based on leather and hair characteristics (secondary expertise)

This website contains:


Theresa is available for lectures, leather artefact analysis, museum presentations and exhibit consultations, alongside documentary appearances and private courses, and will travel internationally.

She produces strict replicas of archaeological and ethnographic artefacts for museum exhibitions as well as custom clothing using only traditionally tanned skins and time period appropriate stitching materials.

Theresa is also the author of ‘Determining Prehistoric Skin Processing Technologies: the macro and microscopic characteristics of experimental samples’ available from Sidestone Press. She has appeared as a traditional living skills and clothing specialist in numerous documentaries for History Channel (Alone Series 8), Channel 4 (Surviving the Stone Age), Arte, Galileo, Al Jazeera, SVT Sweden and NDR Fernsehen.​

Profile Pic for Conferences from St Faga

Image credit: St. Fagans National Museum of History


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